About MMP project

Project full title: Multiscale Modelling Platform: Smart design of nano-enabled products in green technologies
Project acronym: MMP
Grant agreement no: 604279

THEME NMP.2013.1.4-1 Development of an integrated multi-scale modelling environment for nanomaterials and systems by design
Starting date: 1 January 2014
Duration: 36 months

MMP has been part of the EU Multiscale Modeling Cluster of FP7 funded projects on multiscale modelling for nano-materials and systems by design. This cluster unifies EU projects that have the ambition to develop an open, integrated and multi-purpose numerical nano-design environment. The Cluster is intended to enable knowledge exchange, foster adoption of novel approaches for multi-scale modelling and provide a platform for harmonizing standardization or inter-operability. The projects and groups included in this cluster are DEEPEN, MMP, MODENA, NANOSIM, SIMPHONY, ICMEg.

The MMP project is funded by FP7 under NMP-2013-1.4-1 call with Grant agreement no: 604279.

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